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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these classes count for college credit?

Yes they do. There is no distinction on your transcript as to whether a course has been taught via the Internet or in the classroom.

What is a distance course on ANGEL like?

Probably the best way to see what a course is like is to go to the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) website. You will find a sample online course that will give you a rough idea of what a course looks like.

The sample course demonstrates discussions, mini-lectures, written assignments, self-tests and more.

These courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no requirement to be online at a specific time though they begin and end with the semester, and have specific due dates for assignments, readings, etc.

Individual documents may be printed from your browser. Course content is organized in folders, which include lecture materials, assignments, and online discussion forums.

Are TC3's online courses self-paced?

No! The online courses have very specific beginning and ending dates, and all assignments will have a specific due date. It is very important for you to log in to your course(s) within 2 days of the beginning of the class.

Will I still need to buy the textbook(s) for the class?

Yes, you will. You can buy them through the TC3 bookstore, which you can access online.

When do the courses begin?

Check the TC3 Academic Calendar for this information.

What kind of computer hardware and software do I need to take a TC3 online course?

You should have access to a computer with high-speed Internet access. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will specify the computer requirements for its service.

You will also need a word processor, and any other software that the professor may require. If you are taking a computer applications course, you will need to have the appropriate applications software installed.

What if I need help as I'm working?

You can post your questions to the course, where the instructor or other students may answer them when they log in. The instructor will normally let you know when she or he will be online during the course of each week, so that you will have some idea of how soon your questions will be answered. Some instructors will log in nearly every day, but this schedule is up to the individual instructor. Though logging in three times per week is the minimum, you are encouraged to login more often.

If you need technical support accessing your course(s), contact Tech Support, or call 1.607.844.8222, ext. 4550. For technical assistance while inside your course(s), contact the SLN Helpdesk at or 1-800-875-6269.