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Web & Mobile Application Design*

(HEGIS: 5103)

A.A.S. Degree

The rapid growth of the Internet has resulted in growing demand for qualified professionals to develop and support web applications. The field of web design has emerged as more and more businesses want to create an attractive presence and conduct business in cyberspace. The web design degree program allows you to focus your studies on acquiring the knowledge and skills for designing, creating, and maintaining functional, high profile dynamic web sites and web server administration. Students may be eligible to participate in internships throughout the degree program; however, internships are not a requirement of the program. Graduates will be qualified to accept entry-level positions as web page or site developers.

The web design program features coursework in programming languages, web server setup, server side programming and database integration and access. You will learn about the importance of visual design considerations and the integration of digital photography and dynamic media into web content. Web design graduates will:

  • understand the principles and concepts of web site design
  • understand the development of dynamic and data-intensive web applications
  • be able to communicate effectively in written and oral presentations
  • be able to use effective methods to solve site development problems

* This program is in the process of being discontinued and so will not be accepting new students. Please see related programs for other opportunities.

Program Requirements

(for those matriculating in 2014-2015)


A.A.S., requirements, career options

Internship Opportunities

Students are eligible for internship (for the most part paid) as web developers at companies/organization such as Legal Information Institute (L.I.I.) at the Cornell Law School, Z95.5, Next Interactives, L.L.C.

Career Opportunities

The demand for people with web-related knowledge and skills is large and growing. The rapid adoption and integration of Internet technology by businesses has resulted in a growing need by local employers for college educated staff that can develop and support Internet and intranet applications. Graduates will be qualified for entry-level positions such as web designer, web page or site developer, webmaster, and web technician. Web Design graduates have been employed at firms such as Cornell University Press Relations, NetBiz Real Estate, and S-Go Consulting.

Transfer Options

While the intent of the program is to prepare students for immediate employment, graduates should be able to transfer to many four-year degree programs related to computer technology and/or new media. Recent graduates have continued their education at:

For specific transfer information, contact the Counseling, Career, and Transfer Services office.

Program Chair

Tammy Smith
Professor (Web and Mobile Application Design)