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Program Requirements

Creative Writing - Prose and Poetry: Certificate

Minimum Credits for Graduation: 30

Printable Worksheet (pdf)

First Semester

Course Credits Schedule
Minimum Total Semester Credits 14  
ENGL101, Academic Writing II
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL102, Approaches to Literature
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL261, Visiting Writer Series Workshop
1 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
Unrestricted Elective
ACAD, ACAD Elective
ACCT, ACCT Elective
ANTH, ANTH Elective
ARAB, ARAB Elective
ART, ART Elective
ASTR, ASTR Elective
BIOL, BIOL Elective
BUAD, BUAD Elective
CAPS, CAPS Elective
CDSC, CDSC Elective
CFOR, CFOR Elective
CHEM, CHEM Elective
CHIN, CHIN Elective
CIS, CIS Elective
COMM, COMM Elective
CONT, CONT Elective
COOP, COOP Elective
COOP, COOP Elective
CRJU, CRJU Elective
CSCI, CSCI Elective
CSS, CSS Elective
DRAF, DRAF Elective
ECHD, ECHD Elective
ECON, ECON Elective
EDUC, EDUC Elective
ELEC, ELEC Elective
EMT, EMT Elective
ENGL ELEC, English Elective
ENGL1, ENGL1 Elective
ENGL2, ENGL2 Elective
ENSC, ENSC Elective
ENVS, ENVS Elective
ESL, ESL Elective
ESOL1, ESOL1 Elective
FITN, FITN Elective
FREN, FREN Elective
FSS, FSS Elective
GEOG, GEOG Elective
GEOL, GEOL Elective
GERM, GERM Elective
HLTH, HLTH Elective
HRMG, HRMG Elective
HSTY, HSTY Elective
HUMN, HUMN Elective
HUMS, HUMS Elective
IED, IED Elective
INTD, INTD Elective
IRM, IRM Elective
MATH ELEC, Mathematics Elective
MATH1, MATH1 Elective
MATH2, MATH2 Elective
METR, METR Elective
MUSI, MUSI Elective
NURS, NURS Elective
OFFC, OFFC Elective
PARA, PARA Elective
PARC, PARC Elective
PHIL, PHIL Elective
PHSC, PHSC Elective
POSC, POSC Elective
PSED, PSED Elective
PSYC, PSYC Elective
RDNG1, RDNG1 Elective
RECR, RECR Elective
REST, REST Elective
RUSN, RUSN Elective
SOCE, SOCE Elective
SOCI, SOCI Elective
SPAN, SPAN Elective
SPMT, SPMT Elective
TOUR, TOUR Elective
UNRE, UNRE Elective
WGST, WGST Elective
WINE, WINE Elective
WOST, WOST Elective

6 Use Schedule Search for electives
Writing Workshop Elective

1 Use Schedule Search for electives

Second Semester

Course Credits Schedule
Minimum Total Semester Credits 16  
ENGL204, Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL215, Short Fiction
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL227, Creative Writing Workshop
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL229, Introduction to Poetry
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL260, Creative Writing Portfolio
1 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL262, Writing Workshop - Poetry
1 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
ENGL275, Getting Published - Prose and Poetry
1 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
Restricted Elective CW-PP2

1 Use Schedule Search for electives

Creative Writing majors have permission to concurrently enroll in ENGL 101 and ENGL 102. ENGL 100, if required, must be completed before enrolling in ENGL 101.

Restricted Elective: Select in consultation with the student's advisor.

*Grade of C or better is required