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Program Requirements

Paralegal Studies: Certificate

Minimum Credits for Graduation: 32

Printable Worksheet (pdf)

First Semester

Course Credits Schedule
Minimum Total Semester Credits 15  
BUAD201, Business Law I*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC101, Introduction to Paralegalism*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC130, Legal Research and Drafting*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC205, Litigation/Civil Procedure*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC210, Real Estate/Property Law*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi

Second Semester

Course Credits Schedule
Minimum Total Semester Credits 17  
PARC215, Family Law/Domestic Relations*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC220, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC230, Paralegal Internship*
2 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PARC231, Paralegal Seminar*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi

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1. To be admitted to this program, a student must have already earned a baccalaureate degree. 2. For any credits waived, another course must be substituted, chosen with the approval of an advisor. 3. A “C“or better grade is required in all courses.

PARC 205 and 210: Since Paralegal electives are offered once per year, with permission of an advisor, a student may defer PARC 205 and/or PARC 210 until the second semester and take one or two PARC Electives in their place in the first semester.

PARC Electives: Students should select an elective course from a subject area in which they intend to seek employment or have a special interest. PARC 213 Constitutional Law, PARC 216 Legal Aspects of Evidence, PARC 225 Criminal Law and Procedure, PARC 226 Bankruptcy, or BUAD 202 Business Law II can be taken to satisfy these requirements. With advisor permission, a student can choose a relevant non-PARC class in place of a PARC Elective (an academic waiver must be approved).

*Grade of C or better is required