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My Faculty Liaison

What is a Faculty Liaison?

A faculty liaison is a faculty member at Tompkins Cortland Community College, either full-time or adjunct, who is selected by his/her academic department to monitor the quality, consistency, and curricular alignment of concurrent enrollment classes that are awarding TC3 credits. The faculty liaison also works to improve overall communication and encourage dialogue between TC3 faculty and high school concurrent enrollment faculty to benefit teaching and learning.

Who is my Faculty Liaison?

Contact Rhonda Kowalski for your faculty liaison's contact information.

Online Resource for Instructors

The Business, English, Math, Biology, and Meteorology liaisons have created online forums for instructor training, including specifics for concurrent enrollment instructors. You can access your forum by going to myTC3 and using the TC3 username and password that has been provided to you; then click on the myWebCourse tab. If you do not have a login id and password or do not seem to have access to the forum, please contact CollegeNow.

The forum has information for both college campus and concurrent enrollment instructors. Each liaison sets up their forum is different ways, but they generally include master course syllabi and course outlines, placement information, recommended texts, sample tests, projects, final exams, and grading rubrics. There is also a discussion board for sharing ideas, asking questions, and making suggestions. If you have materials that you would like posted to your forum, please let your liaison know.