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Start a New Course

Identify a course

High school teachers identify courses at TC3 that could match with the curriculum they are already teaching. For example, many twelfth grade English teachers teaching honors level courses or higher have found that their curriculum is very similar to what we cover in ENGL 101 and 102. If they are willing to make a few changes, they can match our curriculum / course objectives. Students could get high school credit for English 12 toward graduation, AND enroll in ENGL 101 in the fall semester, ENGL 102 in the spring semester, and earn 6 college credits by the end of the year. The best way to identify a matching college course is to review the Master Course Syllabus. Most of these are available by visiting the college website, or you can request one by contacting Renae Moore in the CollegeNow office.

Get your principal’s support

Once the teacher has identified the course they wish to apply for, they should get the support of their principal.

Submit a proposal packet

The proposal packet must include all of the following:

  • A professional application (We review their credentials to meet the same requirements we hold for adjuncts teaching the same course)
  • A current resume
  • Transcripts (We will accept copies from your district office)
  • A cover letter outlining the course proposal
  • A course outline based on the TC3 Master Course Syllabus requirements using the Concurrent Enrollment Course Outline Template. We have found the format of this template to be the most successful when used for developing and submitting Concurrent Enrollment proposals. Please submit all typed Concurrent Enrollment proposals in this format and make sure that each area of the proposal template is covered in the Concurrent Enrollment proposal(s) to ensure that the review process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible once we have received the proposal(s).

Proposal Deadlines

Deadlines for new Concurrent Enrollment course proposals are as follows:

  • Spring courses (January 2014 - June 2015) — November 15, 2013
  • Fall courses (September 2014 - January 2015) — May 1, 2014
  • Full Year courses (September 2014 - June 2015) — May 1, 2014

Standards for review of the application

The course proposal must show that the teacher will use one of our approved textbooks, will teach to our Master Course Syllabus, including any objectives listed, and generally match the TC3 expectations for this course. In some departments, teachers are required to give the department - approved final exam.

The Proposal Review process

Once the course proposal, professional application, resume, and transcripts are received at TC3, the appropriate faculty liaison or department head at TC3 reviews them. Sometimes there are revisions requested by the professor. The proposal is reviewed and the high school teacher's credentials are evaluated. Since Concurrent Enrollment instructors function as TC3 adjuncts, their credentials must meet the same requirements established for any adjunct instructor at the college. These requirements may vary by academic department, and prospective Concurrent Enrollment instructors are welcome to ask about required credentials before they apply. Contact Renae Moore (607-844-8222, x 4311)

Course Approval and Registration of Students

Once the course is approved, TC3 works with the teacher to go through the course registration process at the beginning of the appropriate semester. This means that the teacher has all the high school students enrolled in her Concurrent Enrollment class fill out required TC3 forms and applications, and returns them to the college by the specified deadlines.

Faculty Liaisons

Once a high school teacher has been approved as a Concurrent Enrollment instructor, they will be contacted by the appropriate TC3 Faculty Liaison who will assist with course materials, provide guidance regarding curricular alignment with the matching TC3 course, conduct site visits, and offer professional development workshops for instructors.

Grading & Registration Verification

The teacher submits grades and completes student registration verification online, using the TC3 online system — myTC3. (first time users have to apply for an account by completing a FERPA form.) These are official TC3 grades – students will have these grades and the college credit on an official TC3 transcript at the end of the semester. The transcript will NOT specify “Concurrent Enrollment” in any way. Since the high school teacher is an approved TC3 adjunct, teaching an approved TC3 curriculum, they are teaching a real, approved TC3 course and it is reflected that way on the transcript.

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