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Panthers Win Third Straight

Saturday, February 06, 2016

TC3 basketball

For the third straight game, the Tompkins Cortland Community College women’s basketball team held its opponent to under 50 points. And for the third straight game, the Panthers picked up a win. Playing on the road Saturday, the final was a 55-45 road win over SUNY Adirondack. The win improves the Panthers to 13-8 overall and 12-6 in Region III. Adirondack is now 10-13 overall and 6-12 in region.

The Panthers held a 26-22 lead at the half, but Adirondack rallied to tie the score at 34-34 at the end of the third quarter. A 21-11 advantage over the final ten minutes gave Tompkins Cortland the win.

Rickeya Atkinson (Stratford H.S./Stratford, Conn.) had 15 points, 11 rebounds, and six steals. Brittney Randall (Whitney Point H.S./Whitney Point) scored 12 points to go with eight rebounds, three assists, and two steals. Jessica Cafferty (Whitney Point H.S./Whitney Point) continued her strong work on the boards, collecting 19 rebounds to go with eight points, three steals, and an assist.

The Panthers play at Onondaga Community College Wednesday.


No. Name Pos. Year Ht. Wt. High School/Hometown
11 Amanda Gelinas Fr. 5' 3" Ithaca/Ithaca
12 Natasha Lazaric Fr. 5' 4" Candor/Candor
14 Maranda Kinsman Fr. 5' 4" Marathon/Marathon
21 Sara Clausell Fr. 5' 5" Binghamton/Binghamton
22 Jaime Fisher So. 5' 7" South Seneca/Interlaken
24 Sheena Adger So. 5' 6" East/Rochester
31 Kimberly Colombo Fr. 5' 6" Port Byron/Port Byron
33 Heather Andrews So. 5' 10" Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls
55 Heather Jarrell Fr. 5' 8" Groton/Groton

Statistics–Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball

2015-16 Season

Overall (13-8)
MSAC (6-4), Region III (12-6)


Previous Seasons










Team Records

Most Wins

16 (2002-03)
15 (2009-10)
15 (2001-02)

Most Consecutive Wins (Season)

6 (2001-02)
5 (2008-09)
5 (2009-10)

Best Winning Percentage (Season)

.615 (2002-03)
.577 (2001-02)
.555 (2009-10)

Most Points Scored (Game)

101 (at Practical Bible College, 12/3/02)
97 (vs. SUNY Canton, 1/28/03)
96 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/3/01)

Most Points Scored (Season)

1857 (2002-03)
1732 (2001-02)
1698 (2008-09)

Best Points Per Game Average

71.4 (2002-03)
69.3 (2000-2001)
66.6 (2001-02)

Biggest Margin of Victory (Game)

68 (at Practical Bible College, 12/3/02)
66 (vs. SUNY Canton, 1/28/03)
60 (vs. Practical Bible College, 12/11/01)

Fewest Points Allowed (Game)

24 (vs. Schenectady CCC, 11/7/04)
27 (vs. Onondaga CC, 1/20/00)
28 (vs. Practical Bible College, 11/9/01)

Fewest Points Allowed (Season)

1332 (2000-2001)
1444 (2001-02)
1514 (2006-07)

Fewest Points Allowed Per Game Average

57.8 (2001-02)
58.1 (2002-03)
59.7 (2009-10)

Most Assists (Game)

28 (at Practical Bible College, 12/1/01)
27 (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 11/14/09)
26 (at SUNY Canton, 2/18/03)

Most Assists (Season)

404 (2002-03)
401 (2001-02)
361 (2009-10)

Most Rebounds (Game)

69 (vs. Jamestown CC_Cattaraugus, 11/1/07)
68 (vs. Cayuga CC, 11/15/09)
66 (at Practical Bible College, 12/3/02)

Most Rebounds (Season)

1260 (2002-03)
1106 (2008-09)
1091 (2009-10)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Game)

9 (at Herkimer CCC, 12/5/07)
9 (at Cayuga CC, 1/3/08)
9 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 1/19/02)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Season)

121 (2007-08)
90 (2009-10)
90 (2001-02)

Most Steals (Game)

36 (vs. Onondaga CC, 2/4/03)
34 (vs. Onondaga CC, 1/16/01)
31 (at SUNY Canton, 2/18/03)
31 (at SUNY Delhi, 11/19/02)
31 (at Practical Bible College, 12/1/01)

Most Steals (Season)

574 (2002-03)
421 (2001-02)
349 (2004-05)

Most Blocks (Game)

16 (at Mohawk Valley CC, 11/8/06)
15 (at SUNY Delhi, 11/14/06)
14 (at Columbia-Greene CC, 2/4/03)

Most Blocks (Season)

185 (2002-03)
180 (2006-07)
103 (2004-05)

Most Foul Shots Made (Game)

32 (vs. Morrisville State, 11/1/03)
32 (vs. Corning CC, 2/9/02)
27 (at Jamestown CC, 12/4/04)
27 (at Jefferson CC, 1/13/09)
27 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/3/01)

Most Foul Shots Made (Season)

441 (2004-05)
391 (2002-03)
386 (2001-02)

Individual Records - Player

Most Points (Game)

32 Jaclyn Sutton (at Morrisville State, 12/11/04)
31 Jaime Fisher (vs. SUNY Cobleskill, 11/21/02)
31 Jennifer Morse (at Cayuga CC, 1/18/00)

Most Points (Season)

455 Jaclyn Sutton (2004-05)
422 Jaime Fisher (2003-04)
363 Heather Andrews (2003-04)

Most Points (Career)

751 Jaime Fisher (2002-04)
651 Heather Andrews (2002-04)
649 Rachelle Taylor (2000-2002)

Most Points Per Game (Season)

17.6 Jaime Fisher (2003-04)
16.3 Jaclyn Sutton (2004-05)
15.8 Heather Andrews (2003-04)

Most Points Per Game (Career)

16.0 Jaclyn Sutton (2004-05)
15.0 Jaime Fisher (2002-04)
14.1 Rachelle Taylor (2000-2002)

Most Assists (Game)

10 Michelle Tuetken (vs. Hudson Valley CC, 11/1/09)
10 Michelle Tuetken (vs. Jefferson CC, 2/4/09)
10 Nicole Cambridge (at Cayuga CC, 2/1/02)
10 Nicole Cambridge (at Practical Bible College, 12/1/01)

Most Assists (Season)

135 Michelle Tuetken (2009-10)
119 Amanda McLaughlin (2002-03)
113 Nicole Cambridge (2000-2001)

Most Assists (Career)

227 Michelle Tuetken (2008-10)
220 Nicole Cambridge (2000-2002)
145 Laura Thomas (2001-03)

Most Rebounds (Game)

25 Barbara Naylor (vs. Cayuga CC, 1/13/07)
23 Heather Andrews (vs. Corning CC, 1/24/04)
22 Meghan Orman (vs. Onondaga CC, 2/8/05)
22 Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Schenectady CC, 11/9/02)

Most Rebounds (Season)

287 Khadijah Muqtadir (2002-03)
273 Heather Andrews (2003-04)
262 Heather Andrews (2002-03)

Most Rebounds (Career)

535 Heather Andrews (2002-04)
385 Barbara Naylor (2005-07)
372 Mackenzie Stilwell (2008-10)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Game)

7 Heather Johnson (at Cayuga CC, 2/1/02)
6 Jennifer Iler (vs. Herkimer County CC, 12/3/08)
6 Laura Thomas (vs. Hudson Valley CC, 1/9/03)
6 Heather Johnson (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 1/19/02)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Season)

53 Jennifer Iler (2007-08)
49 Jennifer Iler (2008-09)
48 Michelle Tuetken (2009-10)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Career)

102 Jennifer Iler (2007-09)
68 Michelle Tuetken (2008-10)
62 Laura Thomas (2001-03)

Most Steals (Game)

16 Amanda McLaughlin (at SUNY Delhi, 11/19/02)
13 Nicole Cambridge (vs. Onondaga CC, 1/16/01)
12 Brittnee Rooney (vs. Jefferson CC, 2/11/03)

Most Steals (Season)

104 Amanda McLaughlin (2002-03)
99 Nicole Cambridge (2001-02)
99 Nicole Cambridge (2000-2001)

Most Steals (Career)

198 Nicole Cambridge (2000-2002)
161 Laura Thomas (2001-03)
142 Jaime Fisher (2002-04)

Most Blocks (Game)

10 Kati Dapson (at Onondaga CC, 2/12/07)
10 Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Macomb CC at Lakeland CC, 12/7/02)
8 Kati Dapson (at SUNY Delhi, 11/14/06)
8 Khadijah Muqtadir (at Jefferson CC, 1/21/03)
8 Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 1/18/03)

Most Blocks (Season)

118 Khadijah Muqtadir (2002-03)
93 Kati Dapson (2006-07)
40 Meghan Orman (2004-05)

Most Blocks (Career)

118 Khadijah Muqtadir (2002-03)
93 Kati Dapson (2006-07)
63 Katie Currier (2008-10)

Most Foul Shots Made (Game)

16 Jaclyn Sutton (at Cayuga CC, 2/10/05)
15 Jaclyn Sutton (at Jamestown CC, 12/4/04)
13 Michelle Tuetken (at Jefferson CC, 1/13/09)

Most Foul Shots Made (Season)

123 Jaime Fisher (2003-04)
113 Jaclyn Sutton (2004-05)
108 April Allen (2001-02)

Most Foul Shots Made (Career)

198 Jaime Fisher (2002-04)
157 Michelle Tuetken (2008-10)
132 Mackenzie Stilwell (2008-10)

Most Consecutive Foul Shots Made (Season)

23 April Allen (2001-02)
18 Jaclyn Sutton (2004-05)
16 Kyla Knapp (2009-10)

Team Playoff Records

Most Points (Playoff Game)

93 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
69 (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
62 (at Finger Lakes CC, 2/23/02)

Fewest Points Allowed (Playoff Game)

49 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
63 (at Finger Lakes CC, 2/23/02)
65 (at Herkimer County CC, 2/27/01)

Most Assists (Playoff Game)

22 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
16 (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
14 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)

Most Rebounds (Playoff Game)

55 (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
49 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
49 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)

Most 3-Pointers (Playoff Game)

7 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
6 (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/20/10)
4 (at Herkimer County CC, 2/27/01)

Most Steals (Playoff Game)

29 (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)
22 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
19 (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)

Most Blocks (Playoff Game)

11 (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
8 (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)
6 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)

Most Foul Shots Made (Playoff Game)

26 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
21 (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 3/1/02)
19 (vs, Onondaga CC, 2/27/10)

Biggest Margin of Victory (Playoff Game)

16 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
8 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)

Individual Playoff Records

Most Points (Playoff Game)

26, April Allen (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 3/1/02)
24, April Allen (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
23, Brittnee Rooney (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)

Most Assists (Playoff Game)

7, Michelle Tuetken (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
6, Michelle Tuetken (vs. Onondaga CC, 2/27/10)
6, Michelle Tuetken (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/20/10)
6, Amanda McLaughlin (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
6, Nicole Cambridge (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)

Most Rebounds (Playoff Game)

18, Rachelle Taylor (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
15, Amanda McLaughlin (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)
14, Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)

Most 3-Pointers (Playoff Game)

4, Michelle Tuetken (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/20/10)
4, Laura Thomas (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
3, Laura Thomas (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)
3, Laura Ehrich (at Herkimer County CC, 2/27/01)

Most Steals (Playoff Game)

9, Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)
6, Rachelle Taylor (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)

Most Blocks (Playoff Game)

7, Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/03)
4, Khadijah Muqtadir (vs. Corning CC, 2/22/03)

Most Foul Shots Made (Playoff Game)

12, April Allen (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 3/1/02)
10, Brittnee Rooney (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)
8, April Allen (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 2/26/02)


Total All-American Players
1 (Preseason)

Total All-Region Players

Total All-MSAC Players

Miscellaneous Honors
NJCAA Region III Final Four: 2009-10
MSAC Final Four: 2009-10, 2002-03, 2001-02


Coaches–Women's Basketball

David Stevenson

Head Coach

Dave StevensonMSAC Coach of the Year
2010, 2013, 2014

Coach Stevenson enters his second season with the women's basketball program after the most successful run in the history of the TC3 men's basketball program. Over the last decade directing the men's program, Coach Stevenson's teams continued to establish new records for wins, topping 20 victories three times, and winning the Mid-State Athletic Conference championship three times (including the last two seasons).

Stevenson joined the men's basketball staff as an assistant in 2003-04, bringing a strong work ethic and knowledge of the game to the floor each night. He is well known for caring for his students both on and off the court, tracking academic progress as well as developing basketball skills. He has worked hard to bring quality players into the program, and to help those players continue their careers at the four-year level. In his time with the program, he has helped players earn scholarships to Mercy College in New York, Drake University in Iowa, and Avila University in Kansas. His former players have also shown up on the rosters at Buffalo State, Oneonta State, Oswego State, Old Westbury College, Morrisville State, Southwestern Oklahoma State, SUNY Fredonia, and Daniel Webster College in New Hampshire. A former standout athlete at Trumansburg High and a college baseball player, Coach Stevenson is TC3's assistant athletic director.

Contact:, 607-844-8222, Ext.4494

Jeff Riker

Assistant Coach

Jeff Riker

Coach Ricker returns for his sixth season on the bench with the women's program. A strong recruiter and teacher on the court, he has been instrumental in bringing in the program's top players and helping them reach their potential. His passion for the game extends back to when he was an IAC all-star at Dryden High. He played college ball at Onondaga Community College, appearing the Region III All-Star Game, and at SUNY Potsdam.

Coach Ricker has consistently been supportive of TC3's student-athletes, both on and off the court, a quality he shares with Head Coach Stevenson.



Panthers Let Another One Slip Away

Saturday, February 14, 2004

For the second time this week, the TC3 women's basketball team had a Mid-State Athletic Conference opponent on the ropes at halftime. For the second time this week the Panthers couldn’t hold on in the second half, this time falling at Corning Community College 69-64 on Saturday. The Panthers finish the regular season 7-17 overall and 1-11 in the MSAC. Corning improves to 13-6 overall and 5-5 in the MSAC.
Just like Tuesday night against Jefferson Community College, where TC3 built a halftime lead only to see it wilt away in the second half, TC3 played a solid first half. The Panthers jumped to a 35-24 lead at the break, but the home team outscored the Panthers 45-29 in the second half to pull out the win.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) led all scorers in what is likely to be her final game as a Panther, finishing with 21 points. The leading scorer in TC3 history also grabbed 7 rebounds, 5 steals, and 4 assists. Fellow sophomore Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) added 18 points and 14 rebounds while freshman Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) chipped in 17.
The loss ends TC3’s regular season. Based on the strength of their schedule, there is a slight chance the Panthers will be given a bid to the NJCAA regional tournament. Tournament bids are announced Sunday, February 22. If the Panthers earn a bid, they will play the following Tuesday. If they don’t earn a bid, the season has ended.

Panthers Fall to Broome Pressure
Andrews Moves into Second on Scoring List

Thursday, February 12, 2004

The transition game of the Broome women’s basketball game was too much for TC3 to handle Thursday as the Panthers fell 83-63. TC3 is now 7-16 overall and 1-10 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Broome improves to 14-9 overall and 5-5 in the MSAC. The loss was TC3's seventh straight loss, dating back to their last win on January 22. TC3 beat Broome at home that night.
The game was close early before the home team shifted play into high gear and TC3 couldn’t respond. Broome held a 45-32 lead at the half and TC3 never threatened in the second frame. One bright spot for TC3 was the play of Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls). The sophomore scored 18 points, giving her 345 for the season and moving her into second place on the TC3 single-season scoring list. She passed both April Allen (333 points in 2001-02) and Rachelle Taylor (343 points in 2001-02). She is second to current teammate Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), who moved to 401 on the season with a 15-point performance. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) added 11 points for the Panthers.
TC3 wraps up the regular season Saturday at Corning Community College.

Second Half Woes Cost TC3

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

After a strong first half that saw TC3 take a 12 point lead into the half, a sluggish second half cost the Panthers as Jefferson Community College came back to beat TC3 68-60 Tuesday. TC3 is now 7-15 overall and 1-9 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Jefferson improves to 14-7 overall and 6-3 in the MSAC.
TC3 took its first lead of the game ten minutes into the game. Over the final ten minutes of the first half, TC3 outscored Jefferson 21-11 to lead 40-28 at the break. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) and Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) provided the bulk of the offense, scoring 16 and 10 points, respectively, in the first period. After scoring the first three points of the second half to take a 15-point lead, the TC3 offense went into the dumps. Over a 13 minute stretch, Jefferson outscored TC3 30-5, taking the lead for good with a 3-pointer with 9:23 left in the game. Jefferson would stretch the lead to 13 before TC3 closed the gap to 8 at the final buzzer.
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) finished the night with 15 rebounds, giving her 510 on her career. She is now the first TC3 basketball player – male or female – to score more than 500 points and grab more than 500 rebounds in her career.
Fisher finished the night with 17 points. Clausell and Andrews each tallied 10 points, while Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) and Heather Jarrell (Groton/Groton) had 12 and 11 rebounds, respectively.
TC3 plays at Broome Community College Thursday. The final regular season game is Saturday at Corning Community College.

Panthers Fall to Regional Power

Saturday, February 07, 2004

A much-improved effort by the TC3 women’s basketball team wasn’t enough to top a regional power Saturday as the Panthers lost at Hudson Valley Community College 73-54. With the non-conference loss, the Panthers fall to 7-13 while Hudson Valley improves to 15-8.
Despite the final outcome, the Panthers played their best game in several outings. After falling behind 43-25 at the half, TC3 came out and cut the lead to five points with four minutes left. From that point on Hudson Valley outscored the visitors by 14 to make the final margin.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) and Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) again provided the bulk of TC3’s offense, pouring in 17 and 16 points, respectively. Andrews added 11 rebounds for a double-double.
TC3 is home for the final time this season when Jefferson Community College comes to Dryden on Tuesday, February 10.

Panthers Fall to Conference Leaders

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Playing the Mid-State Athletic Conference's top team, there were few bright spots for the TC3 women's basketball team as the Panthers lost 82-45. TC3 is now 7-13 overall and 1-8 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Cayuga improves to 19-4 overall and 8-0 in the MSAC.
On a night where little went right for TC3, Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) provided one highlight. After entering the game three points shy of tying the TC3 single season scoring record, Fisher scored her record-setting basket off a steal with 9:00 minutes left in the first half. The basket put a stop to a 15-4 run for Cayuga and made it 27-10. TC3 would get no closer than 15 the rest of the half, and after Cayuga scored the first 16 points of the second half, the outcome wasn't in doubt.
Fisher finished the night with 12 points, giving her 352 for the season, passing Rachelle Taylor's 343 points in 2001-02. Fisher also led the team with 10 rebounds. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) was the only other Panthers in double-digits, scoring 11.
TC3 plays at Hudson Valley Community College in a non-conference match Saturday.

Panthers Lose at Onondaga

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

On a night TC3’s top three scorers each had big offensive nights, the Panthers lost to a more balanced Onondaga Community College team, 82-69 Tuesday in Syracuse. The Panthers fall to 7-12 overall and 1-7 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference while Onondaga improves to 14-8 overall and 3-4 in the MSAC.
No Onondaga player scored more than any of the top three Panthers, but the home team’s attack of four players in double digits, another two with nine points, and every player with at least six points proved too much. TC3 was led by the trio of Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls), Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), and Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton). Andrews posted a double-double with 25 points and 11 rebounds. Fisher scored 17 while grabbing 8 boards and Clausell tossed in 19 points to go with 5 steals.
TC3 hosts conference-leading Cayuga Community College Thursday at 6 PM.

Panthers Lose
Fisher Sets Scoring Record

Thursday, January 29, 2004

On the night the TC3 women's basketball career scoring record would fall, the Panthers couldn't generate enough offense to overcome Finger Lakes Community College. Despite a record-setting performance from Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), TC3 lost to Finger Lakes 66-56 Thursday. TC3 is now 7-11 overall and 1-6 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Finger Lakes improves to 13-4 overall and 4-2 in the MSAC.
For the Panthers, the game took a turn for the worse early. A 13-5 run turned a 5-5 tie into an 18-10 lead for the visitors, and TC3 would never recover. After Finger Lakes closed out the half with a 35-21 lead, TC3 could get no closer than seven points the rest of the way.
The highlight for the Panther fans came in the closing minute. Fisher entered the game 20 points shy of the TC3 career scoring record and after getting to 18 points with seven minutes left it looked like the record was a certainty. But a cold spell for the Panther offense left Fisher stuck at 18 heading into the final moments. With 30 seconds left, she blocked a shot on the defensive end, grabbed the ball and took it coast-to-coast for the bucket, drawing a foul on the way. When she sank the free throw, she had the record. She added another buck in the final seconds to give her 23 for the night and 652 for her career. As she passed Rachelle Taylor (2000-2002) on the career chart, Fisher also and moved to within 20 of Taylor's single season record (343 points).
Although the team struggled to find the basket, shooting just 27% from the floor, Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) enjoyed another big night on the boards, pulling down 19 caroms to go with 11 points.
TC3 play at Onondaga Community College Tuesday, February 3.

Rally Comes Up Short

Saturday, January 24, 2004

After rallying from ten-points down, the women's basketball team ran out of steam in falling to Corning Community College 81-77. The Panthers are now 7-10 overall and 1-5 in the MSAC. Corning 11-6 overall 3-2 in the MSAC.
Thanks in part to a superb individual effort on the boards, the Panthers came back from a 45-35 halftime hole to tie the game at 70 with 4:17 left. A possession later, Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls), whose 23 rebounds gives her the TC3 single game record to go with the career rebound record she already holds, hit an 8-footer in the lane to give TC3 its first lead of the second half. From that point Corning went on an 11-2 run to put the game away. A TC3 three-pointer at the buzzer made the final margin 81-77.
The Panthers received big games from several players. Andrews added 18 points to her 23 rebounds for a double-double. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) led all scorers with 23 points, moving her to within 20 of the TC3 career scoring record. She added 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) chipped in 18 points and Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) grabbed 9 rebounds.
TC3 returns to action Thursday, January 29 vs. Finger Lakes Community College. Game time for the home contest is 6 PM.

Panthers Use Balanced Attack to Top #5 Broome

Thursday, January 22, 2004

A balanced attack featuring four players in double figures scoring helped the TC3 to an 81-79 win over Mid-State Athletic Conference rival Broome Community College Thursday. The win was the first in conference for TC3. The Panthers are now 7-9 overall and 1-4 in the MSAC. Broome, the #5 ranked team in the latest NJCAA Region III poll, falls to 10-7 overall and 1-3 in the MSAC.
The game opened with the two teams exchanging the lead for the first half, with TC3 holding leads as big as five before Broome came back to tie it at 29-29 with 4:22 left in the half. After trading baskets, TC3 used an 11-4 run to end the half to take a 42-35 bulge into the break. The second half was a seesaw that started with Broome scoring the first eight points to take the lead with 15:50 left. TC3 responded with a rally of its own, pushing the lead back to seven at 52-45 with 13:15 left in the game. Broome again came back to take the lead, using a 16-3 run to take the Hornets' biggest lead of the game at 61-55 with 9:52 left. Over the remainder of the game, the game would be tied four times, with final deadlock coming at 75-75 with 3:15 left. The two teams traded the lead until, with 34.5 seconds left, TC3's Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) drained an eight-footer in the lane for an 80-79 lead. On Broome's next possession, Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) forced a jump ball with 9.7 seconds left. With the possession arrow pointing TC3's way, the Panthers took over. A quick Broome foul sent Andrews to the line to shoot two with 7.1 seconds left. She made the first, giving the Panthers an 81-79 advantage. Broome's desperation shoot at the buzzer missed everything, giving the Panthers the win.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) led all scorers with 27 points. Andrews finished with 21 points, including the team's final six, 16 rebounds, and 5 steals. She now stands as the third leading scorer in the history of TC3 women's basketball, behind only Rachelle Taylor (2000-2002) and Fisher. Clausell added 16 points, 6 assists, and 5 steals. Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) tossed in 10, for the Panthers, who also received 7 rebounds and 4 assists from Kim Colombo (Port Byron/Port Byron).
TC3 hosts Corning Community College Saturday, January 24 for a 1 PM game.

Panthers Hang Tough with Conference Power

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The deep and balanced attack of one of the region’s top teams proved to be the difference as TC3 lost at Jefferson Community College Tuesday 78-65. TC3 falls to 6-9 overall and 0-4 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Jefferson improves to 11-4 overall and 3-0 in the MSAC.
TC3 played a solid game against the Cannoneers, taking a 30-26 lead into the half. A spurt by Jefferson in the opening minutes of the second half gave the home team the lead for good. TC3 stayed close the rest of the way, but fell short of pulling off the upset. Four Jefferson players reached double digits, with seven players scoring at least six points.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) had another big offensive night, going 9-of-10 from the foul line en route to a game-high 21 points. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) posted a double-double with 11 points and 14 rebounds. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) added 11 points.
The Panthers return home Thursday for a MSAC contest with Broome Community College. Tip-off is at 6 PM.

Cold First Half Too Much to Overcome for Panthers

Saturday, January 17, 2004

A cold spell that lasted most the first half was too much for the women to overcome Saturday as the Panthers lost at Finger Lakes Community College 59-53. TC3 falls to 0-3 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference and 6-8 overall. Finger Lakes, ranked 8th in the NJCAA national poll, improves to 2-1 in the MSAC.
Points were hard to come by at the start of game for both teams, especially the Panthers. Neither team scored a basket from the field in the first seven minutes of the contest and it took another six minutes before TC3 scored from the floor. The poor offensive showing led to a 26-11 deficit at the half for the Panthers. Despite outscoring Finger Lakes 42-33 in the second half, the hole the Panthers dug in the first half was too deep.
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) led all scorers with 17 points and added 12 rebounds for a double-double. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) chipped in 14 points.
The Panthers travel to Jefferson Community College Tuesday. Tip-off is at 6 PM.

Outsized Panthers Fall at Cayuga

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Despite a 28-point outburst by sophomore Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), TC3 lost 71-56 at Cayuga Community College Thursday night. The Panthers struggled inside against the bigger Cayuga squad, losing the battle in the paint en route to dropping to 6–7 overall and 0-2 in Mid-State Athletic Conference play. Cayuga improves to 13-4 overall and 2-0 in the MSAC.
The Panthers gave the defending conference champions all they could handle for most of the game. TC3 led by five early in the first half before going to the locker room at the half down just 31-30. Foul trouble that led to two TC3 post players fouling out hurt the Panthers in the second half as Cayuga took advantage of a decided size advantage to pull away.
Fisher, who entered the game tied with Brittnee Rooney (2001-03) for the TC3 career record for made foul shots, went 10-of-15 from the line. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) added 10 rebounds and Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) handed out five assists.
The Panthers play at Finger Lakes Community College Saturday. Tip-off is at 1 PM.

Rally Falls Short as Panthers Drop MSAC Opener

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

An inspired rally from down 17 points in the second half ran out of gas as TC3 lost to Onondaga Community College 65-57 Tuesday. The Panthers fall to 6-6 overall while Onondaga improves to 12-4. It was the Mid-State Athletic Conference (MSAC) opener for both teams.
Both team started slowly in their first game after the winter break. TC3 held an early lead until an Onondaga three-pointer with six minutes left in the first half put the visitors ahead 17-15. The lead would stretch to 31-20 at the half before ballooning to 43-26 with 14 minutes left in the game. TC3 went on a 19-3 run over the next five minutes, cutting the Onondaga lead to one. After the two teams traded baskets, a three-pointer by Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) with 6:25 left on the clock tied it 48-48. Onondaga responded with a three-pointer on the next trip down the floor, giving the Lazers the lead for good.
Fisher led all scorers with 21 points, including five points from the charity stripe. Her five free throws gives her 122 for her career, tying her with Brittnee Rooney (2001-03) for the TC3 career record. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) added17 points and 10 rebounds. Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) grabbed a team-best 12 rebounds to go with 9 points.
TC3 travels to Cayuga Community College Thursday, January 15 for a 6 PM game.

Panthers Win Behing Strong Second Half
Andrews Sets Record in Win

Thursday, December 11, 2003

A strong second half helped TC3 end the fall semester on winning note Thursday as the Panthers topped Practical Bible College 75-59. In the win, sophomore Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) set a new TC3 career rebounding record. TC3 ends the fall semester 6-5 while Practical Bible College, a four-year college in Binghamton, falls to 1-7.
TC3 trailed most of the first half, finally taking the lead with just two minutes to play before the break. Coming out of halftime with a 38-35 lead, the Panthers played a strong second half to pull away from the home team. Andrews, who led all scorers with 22 points, pulled down 14 rebounds. She now has 360 for her career, passing Rachelle Taylor to become the most prolific rebounder in TC3 women’s basketball history. Taylor pulled down 358 during her career (2000-2002).
Four Panthers reached double-digits in scoring. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) poured in 17 points, Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) went for 14, and Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon) tallied 11. Kinsman, who is leading the nation in three-point percentage (NJCAA Division III), went 3-for-4 from behind the arc, making her 19-of-29 (66%) on the year. Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) had a strong night for the winners, grabbing 16 rebounds to go with 9 points.
The game was the final one of the fall semester. The Panthers return to the court in the New Year, playing at Onondaga Community College January 13, 2004.

Panthers Roll to Win
Even Record Heading Into Break

Friday, December 05, 2003

A balanced attack that featured four players scoring at least 14 points helped TC3 to an 84-44 win over Clinton Community College Friday. The Panthers end the fall semester with a record of 5-5. Clinton falls to 1-11.
The Panthers used an advantage in quickness to jump to an early lead, scoring 9 of the game's first 11 points. After Clinton rallied to pull within one at 11-10, Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon) drained three-pointers on consecutive trips down the floor, sparking the Panthers on an 11-0 run. A 20-7 run to end the half was capped with a buzzer-beating 30 foot bank shot by Kim Colombo (Port Byron/ Port Byron), giving TC3 a 46-20 lead at the break. The Panthers stretched the lead to 30 with just over eight minutes left and finish with the largest lead of the game.
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) recorded a double-double with 21 points and 14 rebounds. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), behind 9-of-10 shooting from the free throw line, finished with 17 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) added 16 points while Kinsman finished with 14 points, including 4 three-pointers.

Panthers Roll Over D-II Erie

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

A balanced offensive attack and a strong defensive effort helped TC3 to a 67-34 win at Erie Community College Tuesday. TC3 improves to 4-5 with the win while Erie, a Division II team, falls to 0-5.
The Panthers took control of the game early and never looked back, jumping to a 34-7 lead at halftime. Despite shooting less than 30% from the floor for the game, TC3’s lead was never threatened.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken), Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls), and Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon) each scored 12 points to lead the Panthers. Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) pulled down a team-best 10 rebounds while recording 6 steals.
TC3’s last game of the semester is Friday, December 5. The Panthers host Clinton Community College at 6 PM.

Panthers Blow 20 Point Lead in Loss

Thursday, November 20, 2003

A 20 point first half lead wasn’t enough for the TC3 women's basketball team as the Panthers lost in overtime Thursday at SUNY Cobleskill, 70-68. TC3 falls to 3-5 while Cobleskill improves to 5-1.
The game started with TC3 in total control as the Panthers held Cobleskill’s Jessica Fiorenza, the region’s third leading scorer at better than 23 points per game, to just two points in the first half. TC3 led by as much as 20 in the first half and took a 34-17 lead into the break. The second half, however, was a different story as Cobleskill came back to tie the game at 61-61 in the final minute of the game. In overtime, two TC3 starters fouled out as the home team outscored the visitors 9-7 for the win.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) led all scorers with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Her point total, which included five three-pointers, moved her into third place on the TC3 career scoring list. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) added a double-double with 18 points and 10 boards. Amanda Gelinas (Ithaca/Ithaca) had a team high of six assists to go with seven rebounds.
TC3 is off until after Thanksgiving. The Panthers play at Erie Community College December 5.

Panthers Press Way to Win

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

An aggressive defense and a big first half from Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) helped TC3 to a 74-50 over SUNY Delhi Tuesday. The Panthers are now 3-4. Delhi falls to 1-4.
TC3's press caused Delhi problems from the start, forcing several turnovers en route to an early 21-5 lead. The lead would climb to 20 points, thanks in large part to a big half by Clausell. The freshman would score 15 of her 21 in the first half, helping TC3 take an 11-point lead into the break. A 16-4 run to open the second half dashed any hopes Delhi had of coming back. The lead would grow to as high as 29 before settling at the final margin.
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) poured in 23 points to go with 15 rebounds. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) added 15, leaving her just 4 points shy of moving into third place on the TC3 career scoring list. Clausell and fisher tied for team honors with five assists each, while Clausell just missed her double-double with nine rebounds.
TC3 travels to SUNY Cobleskill Thursday for a 6 PM game.

Panthers End Skid

Saturday, November 15, 2003

TC3 snapped its four game losing streak by blasting Jamestown-Olean Community College Saturday, 65-33. The Panthers improve to 2-4 while Jamestown-Olean falls to 1-2.
TC3 raced out to an early lead and never looked back, taking a 29-9 advantage into the half. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) continued her strong play, shooting 8-of-11 from the floor and a perfect 2-for-2 from the free throw line to lead all scorers with 18 points. Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) and Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) added 15 and 13 points, respectively, as every Panthers contributed to the win. All nine players recorded a rebound, eight had at least one assist, and seven scored at least two points ands had at least one steal.
TC3 looks to stay on the winning track Tuesday. The Panthers host SUNY Delhi at 6:00 PM.

Panthers Fall to Nation's #3 Team

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

For the second time in this young season, the TC3 women's basketball team dropped a game to a team ranked in the top five in the nation. After leading much of the first half Wednesday, the Panthers lost to Mohawk Valley Community College 80-41. The Panthers drops to 1-4 while Mohawk Valley, NJCAA's #5 ranked team, is now 5-0. Earlier this year, TC3 lost to #5 ranked Fulton-Montgomery Community College.
The game started with Mohawk Valley capitalizing on a quickness advantage to run to an early 13-4 lead. After a TC3 time out, the home team went on a 15-2 run, sparked by the hot-shooting of freshman Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon). Kinsman drained three-pointers on three consecutive trips down the floor to help the Panthers take a 19-15 lead with 10:14 left in the half. After both teams went through a brief cold spell, not scoring for the next two minutes, Mohawk Valley went on a tear to close the half. The visitors scored 28 of the final 32 points to lead 43-23 at the break. TC3 could get no closer than 18 the rest of the way.
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) was the only Panther to reach double-digits. Kinsman scored nine while Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) added eight points and six rebounds.
TC3 travels to Jamestown-Olean Community College for a Saturday contest.

Poor Shooting Leads to Overtime Loss

Sunday, November 09, 2003

A second straight cold shooting day combined with a huge difference in foul shooting to hand the TC3 women’s basketball team a loss in the consolation game of Herkimer County Community College Tournament. The Panthers dropped a 93-86 overtime decision to Schenectady County Community College Sunday. TC3 is now 1-3 while Schenectady is 1-1.
A day after shooting just 31% from the field, the Panthers again struggled offensively, making just 38% of their attempts. In addition to the inefficiency from the floor, TC3 was done in by having Schenectady shoot nearly three times as many free throws (31 for SCCC, 11 for TC3).
Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) recorded her second straight double-double, scoring 25 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) continued her strong scoring with 19 points. Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon) drained four three-pointers en route to 15 points and Heather Jarrell (Groton/Groton) had a solid day with 10 points and 6 rebounds.
TC3 looks to get back on track against nationally-ranked Mohawk Valley Community College Wednesday, November 12. The home game tips at 7:00 PM.

Poor Shooting Leads to Panther Loss

Saturday, November 08, 2003

A cold shooting day was too much to overcome as TC3 lost to Herkimer County Community College 69-52 on Saturday in the first round of the HCCC Tournament. The Panthers shot just 31% from the field, including 1-for-11 from three-point range, as just two players made more than half their shots from the floor. TC3 falls to 1-2 while Herkimer earned its first win in four games this season.
Three Panthers scored in double-figures. Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls) led all scorers with 17 points. She added 10 rebounds and 4 steals in her return from an injury. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) and Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) scored 12 and 10 points, respectively. No other Panthers scored more than four points.
TC3 plays Schenectady County Community College in the consolation game of the HCCC tournament Sunday at Noon.

Panthers Fall to #5 Ranked FMCC

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The TC3 women's basketball team ran up against a powerful opponent Tuesday, falling to Fulton-Montgomery Community College 84-63. The Panthers are now 1-1 while FMCC, the NJCAA preseason #5 ranked team in the nation, is now 1-0.
Despite playing without starting center Heather Andrews (Mynderse Academy/Seneca Falls), who was sidelined with an injury, the Panthers opened strong, scoring the first seven points of the game and holding the lead for nearly seven minutes. FMCC took the lead for the first time on a long three-pointer with 12:23 left in the first half and never looked back. Over the final ten minutes of the half, FMCC outscored TC3 21-10 to make it 48-30 at the break. The Panthers got the lead down to 13 with just over ten minutes left, but could get no closer.
Sara Clausell (Binghamton/Binghamton) led TC3 with 20 points while Lorretta Taylor (Canastota/Canastota) tossed in 17 points to go with a team-high 13 rebounds. Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) added 15 points, 4 assists, and 4 steals to the effort.
TC3 travels to Herkimer County Community College for the HCCC Tournament this weekend. The Panthers play Herkimer at 1:00 PM on Saturday and then challenge either Cayuga Community College or Schenectady County Community College on Sunday.

Panthers Use Balanced Attack in Opener

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Five different players scoring in double digits helped propel TC3 to a season-opening win over Morrisville State College Saturday. The Panthers led the entire way en route to an 86-34 victory. It was the season opener for both teams.
The game featured several runs where TC3 dominated play. A 16-0 run midway through the first half gave the Panthers a controlling 33-11 lead. After a few Morrisville basketys, a 7-2 TC3 run to close the half made it 42-20 at the break. Any hope Morrisville had of coming back in the second half quickly faded as TC3 used a period-opening 29-3 run to put the game away.
Jaime Fisher (South Seneca/Interlaken) and Maranda Kinsman (Marathon/Marathon) led five Panthers in double digits, each scoring 17 points. Sheena Adger (East/Rochester) recorded the season's first double-double, netting 13 points while grabbing 13 rebounds. Heather Jarrell (Groton/Groton) and Lorretta Taylor (Canastota/Canastota) each chipped in 11 for the winners. Kinsman led the team in assists with five while Adger and Taylor each had five steals.
TC3 returns to action Tuesday, hosting regional power Fulton-Montgomery Community College at 7 PM.

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