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Math Course Placement

Students may enter any mathematics course by transferring in the prerequisite course or taking the prerequisite course at TC3, earning a grade of C or better. The only other way to qualify to take a mathematics course at TC3 is to take a mathematics placement exam. During the admissions process, assessment is done to determine which placement exam the student will take, unless the student has transferred in a college-level mathematics course.

Moving along from one math course to the next will always require a grade of C or better in the prerequisite course. The prerequisites can be found in the course descriptions for each course in the college catalog, or by following the chart.

Note: MATH 090 AND 095 do not earn academic credit.

Note: BUAD 104, Business Math, is not a liberal arts mathematics elective.

Students needing a course to fulfill the SUNY general education goal #1 (Mathematics) should refer to the current list of courses satisfying that goal.